Pasture fencing

BEO-BAND® is used as pasture-fencing all over Europe, and destinations like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, North- and South Africa.

Advantages of BEO-BAND® compared to other materials are the resistance for ultra-violet light, and the fact that BEO-BAND®, once tightly stretched, will never sag. BEO-BAND® can be attached safely with Hol-bol aluminium strips. To avoid the horse grazing the band and post, it's recommended to apply an electric wire between the Beo-bands. For the safety of your horse, this electric wire will snap under too much pressure.     
BEO-BAND® is certified for temperatures up to 50°C, therefore being used in the Dubai desert.
For pasture-fencing BEO-BAND® is available in black, white and green.
The minimum width measures 6 cm (2,4 inch).

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