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An arena calls for special demands when it comes to fencing. BEO-BAND® fulfills because it's strong, maintenance-free and safe for animals and children. Furthermore, the price is favourable compared to that of other materials. BEO-BAND® is easily to apply around the arena. Once installed, safety of man and animal is life-long guaranteed.     

The horse-keeping branche nowadays has a great number of professional companies. A common phenomenon for these companies is a training mill. On the one hand the mill constitutes an expansion of the training-possibilities, on the other hand a limitation of man-hours costs. Using such trainingmills may not endanger the safety of valuable horses.     
Therefore BEO-BAND® is ideal for fencing inside the mill. It 's resilient if horses touch it, strong and limits the maintenance-costs that way to a minimum. All well known Dutch trainingmill builders use BEO-BAND®. Available in white, green and black.

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